onsdag 3 februari 2010

Some days ago in Santo Antao.

Leaving for the crossing today, about 20 days to cross to Martinique.

Ha det bra :-)

10 January - 3 February Canaries -> Kap verde

Very little time, so this will be a short summary and some pictures. (Mindelo)

It took us 7.5 days from the south of Gran canaria to Kap verde, we arrived to Sao Nicolao, spent some days in a small village, Carrical. Very nice place, relaxed. Made some day trips around the island. The biggest city, Tarrafal, is'nt very big. Nice atmospehere. There we meet Malick from Senegal and he comes sailing with us to Sao Vicente, Mindelo. Hanging around in Mindelo, also nice place, here is the only Marina, but very expensive so we're anchoring. Quite many boats.. Some days ago we went to Santo Antao to see the nature, amazing place, mountains and small villages. Tried some hitchhiking but very few private cars here, mostly minibusses and shared taxis. Last days we've been stocking up for the crossing. Some crew changing, finally we will be 3 people on Kirha crossing, Philip, Thomas and me.