måndag 26 juli 2010

Marquesas, Tuamotus, Tahiti

We spent some 10 days in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Enjoying this beautiful island and waiting for Captains father with wife, brother and cousine. Went to the northeast for a few days and then continued to Oa pou for a few days, incredible island.. Always to short time.. continued to the Tuamotus, managed somehow to miss the sun eclipse. Stayed a few days in Fakkarava, atolls are something special.. Theres just to much to write about theese places. Beautiful and friendly people. We are now in Tahiti there we will stay for a week or so more, waiting for some more relatives of the captain to join us for a few weeks.. Papeete is a big city with polynesian measurements, very different from the other islands we visited, but i like it. Im looking forward to go hitchhiking or surfing.. enjoy
Nuku Hiva

Miss Oa Pou

Victoria - San Fransisco - Marquesas islands

So we left Victoria and Canada on the 12th of may. It was cold, yes very cold acually. Afer a few days we decided to make a stop in San fransisco cause Rory felt sick and decided not to continue the trip.. Some 5 - 6 days from Victoria we ran into a nasty storm(or it ran into us acually) Up to 60 knots of wind and crazy big waves, the night was pitch-black and waves were constantly splashing over the deck and us. With the morning light the wind died down but the waves were still huge monsters.

Stora mörka havet brusar och ryter

Lilla båten guppar mellan vågor som bryter

A few days later we arrived in San fransisco.. I had still my stamp from the hitch across and it was valid(US dont give exit stamps) We stayed a few days in San fransisco and loaded up the boat with cheap wine and beer. Met with our friend Kuba and my friend Tim who happend to be there.. The last night in SF was interesting but that story is not for the internet.

25th of May we are leaving San fransisco for the big crossing to Polynesia, now just the three of us, Lukas, Karol and me. What to write about it,, its just routine,, took us 28 days finally.. The first week the winds were not very stable, it was acually first south of the equator we were getting good winds and could make some nice miles.. Caught a couple of fishes, Dorada, Tuna, Wahoo.. One sunny morning, the 21th of june to be exact we see something that looks like an island and later that afternoon we arrive to Taiohae, Nuku hiva!

Golden gate bridge yeah

A Wahoo that liked our bait

The Equator celebration