tisdag 6 december 2011

Allready Dumai, Riau, Sumatra, INDONESIA48 h ride Lampung - Pekanbaru

Spent just one night in Jakarta, this suffocating overcrowded city. Was luckily hosted by a couchsurfer i met on a CS meeting that happened to take place. Getting out of Jakarta was allright.. Made it to the highway towards the west, (Jln Tol Jakarta - Melaka) Standing close to the Toll pay station I got a ride fairly quick, once getting out a bit of the city easy to hitch from the highway. Finally I made it to Melaka, got with a truck onto the ferry to Sumatra. Took 2h or so.

The whole trip Jakarta - Dumai (by drivers estimation around 1500 km) was more or less non stop and i realized once more importance of getting a good nights sleep(last two days way to high frequency of sit-powernaps while in cars). Got a ride with a truck driver for 48 hours, from Lampung to Pekanbaru.. The road was slow.. During thoose two days we saw about 6 or 7 trucks that had either flipped over, went down the ditch or simply crashed into something. Makes you realize how important as a hitchhiker to keep the driver somewhat alert and awake. (which is hard if you didnt have enough sleep either).

In Dumai i now finally got great some great sleep, hosted in a 'neighborhood guard station'. Hah. Tomorrow i take a ferry to Melaka, Malaysia. Down to Singapore for few days and then North north north!!

Borneo, 12 october - 30 November 2011. Way to short time for such a big place and km's covered. A estimation of the kilometers hitchhiked in Borneo comes down to something around 4700 km.
Before leaving Kota kinabalu, Sabah..

A few pics of some of the stuff i did before leaving Kota kinabalu for the hitch towards Pontianak.. The one on the paper was meant for a cafe in KK but when I was on my way to give it (and on my way to leave KK)I got lost and suddenly was far from the city so I decided to start hitchhiking, the painting i gave to a young driver..