tisdag 6 december 2011

Allready Dumai, Riau, Sumatra, INDONESIA48 h ride Lampung - Pekanbaru

Spent just one night in Jakarta, this suffocating overcrowded city. Was luckily hosted by a couchsurfer i met on a CS meeting that happened to take place. Getting out of Jakarta was allright.. Made it to the highway towards the west, (Jln Tol Jakarta - Melaka) Standing close to the Toll pay station I got a ride fairly quick, once getting out a bit of the city easy to hitch from the highway. Finally I made it to Melaka, got with a truck onto the ferry to Sumatra. Took 2h or so.

The whole trip Jakarta - Dumai (by drivers estimation around 1500 km) was more or less non stop and i realized once more importance of getting a good nights sleep(last two days way to high frequency of sit-powernaps while in cars). Got a ride with a truck driver for 48 hours, from Lampung to Pekanbaru.. The road was slow.. During thoose two days we saw about 6 or 7 trucks that had either flipped over, went down the ditch or simply crashed into something. Makes you realize how important as a hitchhiker to keep the driver somewhat alert and awake. (which is hard if you didnt have enough sleep either).

In Dumai i now finally got great some great sleep, hosted in a 'neighborhood guard station'. Hah. Tomorrow i take a ferry to Melaka, Malaysia. Down to Singapore for few days and then North north north!!


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Sussu sa...

Hej Henrik!

Randomly found your blog, and you just became my personal hitchhiking hero! So cool!

And some awesome photos, really like them!

All the best to your trip, har det bra! Hopefully meet you again somewhere.

-A tired Finn from Mahesh couch