söndag 10 januari 2010

30th November - 10 january, Gibraltar - Gran canaria

Sailing Gibraltar - Morocco - Gran Canaria, spending almost one month in Gran Canaria

The sailing from Gibraltar went well, it was a nice time, but bad winds and we did alot of motor-sailing. Took us about 1,5 day to reach Mohamedia, a bit north of Casablanca, stayed there for three days, i were happy to stay in Mohamedia and just relaxed while the others did some day trip to Rabat. We continued sailing, a couple of times each day dolphins came and played around the boat. In the beginning, from Gibraltar, the radar were working and the night shift i were doing was very simple, autopilot, just check the radar for boats. From Mohamedia the radar didnt work so it was abit more looking for lights in the night. The silent dark night with thousands of stars were amazing. We reached Las palmas the 12th of december. There were many boat-hitchhikers, maybe around 30 or so. All the time I met new people with different goals and stories. I spent almost all time in the marina, asking people and hanging around with other boat-hitchhikers. We made nice parties on the beach and in the marina, Christmas eve was nice with dinner on the beach, Accordion, guitar and swimming in the waves, the party continued all night long. First nights i slept in the Canadian boat i came with but when their crew arrived i had only my bag there and either slept in other boats, outside, or in one of the two squats in the city. I made a small house from cardboard which i slept in about a week, in a place close to the marina where no one goes at night. No problem at all to sleep outside when the temperature holds about 20 degrees at night :)

I didnt really see much of Gran canaria, only one hitching trip to the south, puerto Mogan, to ask around in the marina. It took me quite a long time to find a boat, but in the end i had a few choices and decided to go with a french boat heading to Kap verde and then Martinique. We are four people in the boat, Philippe, Rico, Leo and me. Its a 9 meter boat so it might get a bit crowded but thats ok. :)

Yesterday we sailed from Las palmas to the south of Gran canaria, we are somewhere close to Maspalomas, playa ingles. Touristic strange place hehe.

Tonight we will sail towards Kap Verde.

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Victoria sa...

Just sail on right past Playa de Ingles, you are not missing anything I can tell you! :-)