tisdag 11 maj 2010


Arriving in Martinique, Le marin. We expected the place to be full of energy and parties cause of the hundreds of boats anchoring and in the marina, but when arriving and taking the first steps on soil after 26 days we got a bit disappointed and ending up in a empty pizzeria with a expensive beer each. After a few days things felt better and we met many friends and enjoyed some good days. I were looking for a boat to go north, or to Panama, i had not really decided but finally found a big catamaran,(Sunreef 19 m) with a friendly Spanish captain, David. Another 5-6 days in Martinique before departure north. Next stop Dominica for a few days, much more interesting than Martinique. How can it be described,, a bit wilder perhaps. The nature more amazing and green. Met some nice people there.. Continued to Guadeloupe, or Les saints to be more precise, stayed only for some hours before sailing towards Antigua. In the morning we see Montserrat, the volcano there had an eruption some 20 days earlier. The big mountain were smoking and solid rivers of grey lava had reached the sea. The abandoned city of Plymouth probably looked the same, empty and grey.

17th of march, Arriving to Antigua, strange place , big boats, british people, party. Some beautiful beaches, bumped in to some familiar faces here and there, people i had met in Canaries or Kap verde months before. Few days in Antigua, seeing some beautiful beaches, snorkling and that kind of stuff people usually do in the Carribean. Spending some time, and time goes fast. Its allready the middle of march, i should be in Vancouver helping the others with the boat, still down here where days goes like hours. Few days later we sail to St. martin, final destination for me with the luxurous catamaran, the others are crossing the atlantic back to spain. I spend a week or so in St. Martin, meet some people, many late nights and more early mornings. Trying to find a boat going to Bahamas, there i planned to get the visa to US(needed when arriving with a private yacht) However it seems like the embassy in Bahamas is only for the locals, i need to go to Barbados or Trinidad to get the visa.. Impossible, there is no time for that, going south again, no way. I end up making a hard decicion, a kind of failure, but there is no other way. I take a flight from St.Martin to Miami. Saying goodbye to the captain and the crew, leaving in a few hours. First flight since 2007 and i hope hope for several years until the next one.

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