lördag 14 juli 2012

Bishekek to Omsk

So I managed get the Russian visa. Seemed almost impossible for a moment but turned out to be not that difficult in the end. I got a original Letter of Invitation from Stantours, costed me 85$ to get it shipped to Bishkek, took no more than 1 day. With this i went to the embassy and somehow managed to convince the lady to accept my visa application without having an kyrgyz visa that would be valid 1 month after my arrival to Russia(this seem to be the new rules) applied on Thursday and picked up visa on tuesday(52$)

Wanted to make it fast to Omsk and make the most out of my 29 day russian visa that would start the day after I picked it up. I've decided to describe the hitch Bishkek-Omsk in boring statistics this time, here we go:

Kazakstan south to north

Distance: 1 809 km
Time: 51 hours
Number of vehicles: 15
     Cars: 13
     Old Kamaz truck: 1
     Milk truck: 1

Longest ride: 432 km (Karaganda-Pavlodar)
Shortest ride: 1 km ( in city of Karaganda)
Longest wait: ~1 hour (North of Pavlodar towards the border)
Shortest wait: 5 minutes
Average wait: 10 -15 minutes

Number of times police helped me get a ride: 2
Number of rides given by police: 1 (100 km Jambyl province)
Number of nights spent in Police road post: 1 (Pavlodar)
Number of nights spent in abandoned Police road post: 1 (Balkash)

Money spent: 325 Tenge (1.6 EUR)
Money earned: 170 Tenge (0.9 EUR)

Number of times asked if im married: 9
Number of times asked when i'll get married: 6
Number of times asked if i'd like to marry Kazak girl: 4
Number of hours looking out over a flat steppe: Too many

And thats it. Im in Omsk, in few days heading west west west. some cities on the way, dont know which yet, Moskva st petersburg and finland before 9th when my visa ends. Then almost home.
Friendly driver pouring Kymyz, fermented mares milk
This man stopped a truck for me
Henry throught the looking glass


3 kommentarer:

Sibbe The Hitcher sa...

Great reading the statistics, says alot about what its like hitching the country :)
Not very long waits at all and the Police seem very friendly in Kazakstan!

Hnrk sa...

hehe yeah, statistics can be interesting, but maybe only for hitchhikers, i dunno? Yeah i was worried for the police as ive heard they can make some trouble in central asia. but all of them very friendly!

M. sa...

Number of the Kazak girls I married:

great picture of the driver. :) I'm home now
I think I'll create a dropbox folder for the videos I still have for you.

home soon! be safe!