lördag 9 mars 2013


 "There's a fire in your heart, cant you feel it?"

Part of poem Taylor showed me in the city of Jember, Java. I dont remember the author, I do remember we slept in an abandoned sportshall the next night,  the grass was long around the building and the door open. Was so dark when we entered at late night. In the morning we saw the size of the hall, even found toilets that were working. We climbed an volcano and I got tired in my legs. On the top we cooked food and added a tomato relish Taylor had gotten from a driver in Australia, "Real man's" tomato relish it read on the label and then the picture of a man with beard who had told a funny story about Mt.Everest. Catching the rides were easy and fun, with a friend waiting between rides is not a problem, time passes so quickly. Taylor always suggested to walk alot and not stand still hitching. I like this style. We had arranged a meeting in the center of a big city. Said we meet in the central square, took us few hours but finally we did. I had not seen him since Australia and months had passed. The days we spent on the island of Java were amazing. Such beautiful memories i'll always keep.

Rest in peace dear friend

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d*torch sa...

What happened with him?

Ekin Ulaş sa...

I was looking to my old e-mails. Than i found his mail when he and his sister were staying on my place in Bursa/Turkey. I'm like, i remembered good old friend. Rest in peace Taylor. Nice to meet you.