torsdag 11 augusti 2011


A big volcano. Yes it is.

Henrik and friends in Kalabahi, Alor

Crowded Anchorage, Alor

Just a few pics... Im in Labanbajo, Western tip of Flores. Our route were: Darwin - Kupang - Kalabahi(Alor) - Overnight stops on Northern coast of Flores and now Labanbajo where we will stay a few days. Not much wind up here and we've been motoring alot, but with just a bit of wind "Tarahumara" sails well and fast. The captain and he's girlfriend has rented a motorbike for few days, leaving me with the boat. This is first place i see in Indonesia which has tourists.. Its quite different and just a small taste of what will come in Bali i guess.. From Bali probably hitching thought Java and Sumatra.. North, north!

Then i have to figure out which route to take back to Sweden, have a few different interesting ideas...


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xlifes sa...

Hi Henrik :) How are you?
I see you've been traveling the world for a long time now! How long has it been since you last left Sweden? I'm looking towards traveling like that myself one day! It seems an awesome experience :) Continuation of a great trip and if you decide to visit Portugal again drop me a word!


Anonym sa...

Gott broder!! Ser fint ut! Vi spanar in Borneo och längtar tills vi ses! Kram P och M