lördag 27 augusti 2011

Iketut, my host in Lumbung village (Tabanan)

With the catamaran "Tarahumara" we arrived in Serengan(close to Benoa, Bali) on the 21th of August. The 23rd I packed my bag(got rid of a few heavy things like my stove and some clothes) Captain gave me a ride to Kuta and the first idea i got when arriving was to get out of there. I Started walking on the beach to get aay from the busy streets, find a place to hitchhike north. I enjoyed the walk, especially as the expensive resorts and sun umbrellas were behind me. Walked for a few hours and realized i was far out of Kuta. Got this idea, why not walk all the way to Gilimanuk(western tip of Bali)

So i did. First day i made it to Tanah Lot, after hours of empty beaches i peek around the corner of some cliffs and see what looks like a tourist invasion! I walk around for a short bit amongst the souvenir salesmen and then leave Tanah lot. Walking over the rice terraces i find the way back to the beach. The first night i spend in my tent, worrying slightly that the tide and the waves will reach up and give me a wet wake up!

Next day is a long day.. On the map Soka looks close, but its not.. Empty beaches, fishermen struggling to get their boats out of the breaking waves. A few resorts where people seem to enjoy their vacation. In the afternoon i reach Soka, not really what i expected and i continue walking, this time along the road. A guy on a motorcycle stops and we talk a bit. He offers me to come to his house for the night. A good meal(rice and green beans) and a good nights sleep. He takes me a few km to the next beach in the morning. A long day of walking, somewhere outside Pekuatan i stop at a surf village to get some water. A surf-shop-guy offers me to sleep on a bench outside his shop. First i plan to continue, but after sitting down i become to lazy to get going again.

Many temples along the beaches. Many beautiful things and friendly people. Between Pekuatan and Perancak I get pain in my left foot, for every step it gets worse. I sit down under a coconutpalm, pinch a green coconut for cold fresh coconut juice and think over my situation hardly being able to walk far from roads and people(and water). Suddently i remember i have my boots in my backpack(been carying them for 1.5 years hardly used them) I put them on and i can walk again(until they give me blisters and i switch to barefoot again)Patterns in the sand hypnotized me for days

Reaching Perancak in the evening i meet a friendly man who hosts me in his family home. In the morning he gives me a ride around a river i cannot cross by foot. Walking from Pengambengan on a not so nice beach for a change, filled with dead fish and smelly birds. The fishermen say there will be a river ahead but i continue. I reach the river and attempt to cross but it gets deep fast. Trying to find another way but i cant. Almost preparing to go back, but there's nothing worse than going back(especially if its along a dirty beach filled with dead smelly fish) A second try, I walk with my backpack over my head, the water gets deep but as it reaches my breast its getting shallow again and i manage to cross. I walk on, stop in the villages for little bit food once in a while. I realize i can make it to Gilimanuk this day, the fifth day. So i continue and in the late afternoon i see ferries going across to Java, strong wind from the south blowing through the strait of Bali. Happily i reach Gilimanuk, get some food and rest.. That evening i met a man who were happy to host me and im still staying there today, resting a bit before heading to Java tomorrow morning.

Seems like im going to Kalimantan after Java!

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