torsdag 8 september 2011

Hitchhiking Java..
On 2nd September I arrived in Ketapang, the ferry from Gilimanuk took 45 min or so and cost me around 60 cents. Happy to be in Java i start to walk out of the city. Lots of motorbikes. Hitchhiking went slow in the beginning but it didnt really matter, walking in the sun, talking to people on the way, smiling, laughing! I get a couple of rides, I were heading to Jember to meet up with the hitchhiker Taylor. I get one long ride with a man who has a small ice-milk factory in his home, i get a plastic bag full of ice-milk (yeah ice-milk, tasting funny and icey-milkey) I get snacks from another driver and I must refuse another one. I've eaten to much sweets in one day. Finally making it to Jember i meet up with Taylor at the central square(we were lucky there was a central square) We sleep in the park that night.
Taylor and wood

Volcanic adventures and sketchy car accident
Going down in a car from the beautiful Mt. Bromo the breaks of the car stop working. The road is narrow, steep and curvy. Its me and Taylor, 4 indonesian guys heading for a hiking trip. Our driver try to use the handbrake when both breaks fails but we're going to fast for the handbrake to work.. Slaloming a bit, keeping the car on the road(not to go down the steep hill on the right side) Our driver has no choice but to crash into the mud-wall on our left side. Despite no seatbelts all of us were allright, the car is a bit smashed but not to seriously. We get help from a passing car, changing tyre and a lift down the mountain. No hiking on Mt.Bromo that night.. After a long day of walking and hitching we sleep well outside a shop(or was it a house) in a small village.Perhaps 2/3 from top of Merapi

We continue hitching west.. many nice rides, sometimes in cars sometimes going in small trucks filled with bricks, wood and plants. Some drivers spoke a bit English some didn't. Over cold mountains, beautiful scenery's meeting with good people everywhere. Finally we make it to Merapi, an active volcano(not close to as boiling as Mt.Yasur in Vanuatu thou) close to Yogyakarta. We arrive in the evening to Selo, starting point for hiking Merapi. Asking to set up a tent in a front yard of a house we are invited to sleep on a carpet in the house. Next morning we head out to reach the top of Merapi, takes us a few hours(we take special, extra exciting path involving climpbing and losing the path) The last bit, summit, is the hardest, steep and lots of rocks and ash. Finally up we enjoy a gorgeous view and noodles with a special tomato relish made by an Australian real man(inside joke).Taylor n clouds n top Merapi
Taylor n Henrik on top (photo taylor)

That day hitchhiking is slow down the mountain and we end up in a city with the funny name Blablak. There we find shelter and sleep in an indoor badminton court. Next day Taylor head north to hitch to Bogor for a wedding and i south towards Yogyakarta. Few hours walking before getting a ride(overlapping villages, loads of buses,minibuses). Finally arrive in Yogya and arrive to a couchsurfer Taylor were supposed to surf with(im substitute) Here im in the middle of extending my visa for 30 more days.

Some weeks in Java perhaps then finding a way to Kalimantan!

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Anonym sa...

great sky.. merapi lil bit calm there.. enjoy buddy!


Anonym sa...

R.I.P. Taylor. Missed the world over.