lördag 25 februari 2012

Now on 2 wheels for a while!
Arriving with few hours left on my visa for Thailand to the border of Cambodia where they tried to scam me on both sides and failed. Spent a terribly sketchy night in Poipet, this dodgy border town, in a alley using my tent as a mosquito net, which failed pretty badly.. The 100 km hitch to Battambang was long due to all the private taxi's i had to say no to. Started thinking of a new way to travel for a change. Cycling.

Got a second hand bike in Battambang for 40 dollars. Spent almost a week there, its a great place with lots of things happening! Then i left for Phnom penh, took me 3.5 days to do the 290 km, I was hosted here and there, slept in tent some nights, one night in a temple, another in a garden. Enjoying this for me new way of traveling, full speed down the road, making many breaks for fresh coconuts and noodles. Now in Phnom penh i might do a small mural project. Leaving in a few days to Vietnam.

I'll go on the bike until it breaks.. 150 km to the border of Vietnam, another 60 to Ho chi minh city then over 1700 km to the chinese border.. :)

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Anonym sa...

Hej Henrik, kul att ses här i Phnompan! Jag lyckas inte tyda din e-postadress (mailen studsar) och jag hittar dig inte på Facebook, men mig hittar du som Karl Johan Rahm, rahm.karljohan@gmail.com. Allt gott!

Cyaxares_died sa...

hey, nice to "meet" you, fellow traveller.
i can't find a contact mail on your site... am intrigued by your trip to dagestan and chechnya - you did not need special permits to go there? how did you do it? would love to chat about it, can't really read swedish !