torsdag 15 mars 2012

Desert and sky

Still cycling.. I dont know where iam, but around 40 km south of Nha Trang, on road AH1 in Vietnam.. I started of cycling down to Phnom penh, that feels like some time ago now.. Stayed a few days in this city. Then headed for the vietnamese border. Teamed up with a cyclist from Catalunya for two days across to Vietnam and to Ho chi minh city. Cycling into this city was crazy and crowded. Never seen that amount of motorbikes before. Food made me sick, took me a week to fully recover. The 200 km to Phan Thiet was the hardest cause i weren't feeling all that great. A few days of relaxing in Phan Thiet. Cycled the small coastal road which in some places looked more like the top of a sand dune than a road. Desert. The bumpy road made a puncture in back tire, luckily i was close to a village and got it fixed, then it broke again cause of bad fix at the same place on the road, i walked back once more.

I stayed a couple of days with a family in Phan Ri an quite amazing small city. Planned stay no more than one night but ended up staying four. Heading north the wind headed south and made my progress slow, constant in my face. There were times when even i had to fight going downhills.. This morning i decided to give my bike away, had another puncture in the back tire and there were no inner tube in the village. A reason for me to give up cycling with this terrible wind going against me all the time. Just when i started unpack the bike someone showed up with a inner tube and i decided to continue a bit further. Less wind today and i have new energy. I'll go on for few more days. 1000 km so far from Battambang..

Note to self, never again go long distance cycling without tools to repair bike.Bike and the south china sea

Camouflaged sleeping next to AH1

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Laurène sa...

Goddag !

Nice trip, i still read your blog and everytime surprised and amazed by how your trip bring you far and far...
Xavier and I also plan to roadtrip with a bicycle next summer to Belgium, Netherlands and Danmark. So, please, details and details on your blog help us a little bit to plan that ! :)

Take care and hope to see you again in Europe, one day... bye
Laurene (ex-goodrhum boat)