torsdag 22 mars 2012


Im right at the border Vietnam-China. Entering China in about one hour. Down in the center Vietnam i continued cycling, made it up to Tuy Hoa where i decided to head into the mountains for a bit. Getting of the main AH1 highway(im sure it cannot be called a highway). The road was quieter and everything was more relaxed, until one afternoon when i must have been peddaling to hard in thoose mountains, I started getting pain in my right knee. The day after it was even worse. I could not continue anymore, I was cycling with only my left leg and still the pain in my right knee got worse. Well, i cannot continue all the way to china anyway. I've been staying to long in good people homes and the time of my visa is not enough to reach the far north. Getting a bit tired of this anyways. Yes china was calling me. The knee was a great reason to give my bike away and make nonstop hitch towards China. The last evening i ended up stuck in a small mountain pass, a missunderstanding forced me to cycle the last10 km in pitchblack darkness, so black i could hardly see the road even less the possible holes in the road, my flashlight was stolen a few days before but thats another story. It was raining and everything felt pretty miserable for a while. However i reached the city of Chuse. I never thought iwould make it with the knee, forcing me to slow down and take it so easy. In Chuse the road 25 connects with a bigger road north so would be a great place start hitchhiking.New owner of bicycle

I was hosted in a restaurant that night and traded mybicycle for two slices of watermelon with a young man who worked as an mechanic. Then i caught a few rides towards the Ah1 mainroad again. Slow hitchhiking, missunderstandings, understandings. Finally managing to make it to Quang Ngai and the AH1 road again. Hosted in an internetcafe full of mosquitos i slept badly and were tired in the morning, caught a ride with a guy heading for Hoi An, he had driven nonstop from Muine, 14 hours, and i was complaining i was tired! Outside Hoi an i planned to continue directly but met some great people who offered to host me for the night, decided to take one day to rest. Next morning i was walking along what seemed to be an never ending narrow road with construction work on both sides, not the best place to hitch a ride, however in this place where i walked and occasionally hitched i caught a truck, a man and his son heading north. And a great ride it was, we were driving nonstop for 30 hours until we reached, guess where, Lang Son, border with china. A good 1000 km+

So here iam now, ready to cross over to china. My original plan was to go to Kunming, but with the ride i had ichanged my plans and now heading for Nanning, the Kunming. And it looks like it might be a wet hitch looking at the dark clouds making this morning look like a late evening. I'll wear a raincoat.Vietnam

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